Springtime on the Farm

Spring is in the air and that means that we on the farm are getting busy! Like the bees buzzing nearby we are hurriedly working from field to field to prepare and nurture our new crop.  With this season comes new tasks, new plants, & new life. Gone are the slower humdrum days of preparation and cold; and in their place, comes higher temperatures, a bit of wind, and the beginning signs of a new crop.

I love how spring can be a renaissance of sorts. Through the rebirth of our crops I find that everyone is a little more energized and excited for the many tasks ahead. At this point we are starting to see the first signs of successful planting and are working out what will be our rhythm until it comes time to harvest.

However, one of my favorite parts of spring has nothing to do with the farm at all! For us, like many of you Spring Time = Spring Cleaning! So here’s some of our tried and true spring cleaning tips! (Brought to you by the Trusted Women of Keeler Family Farms)


Photo by ChrisShirley/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by ChrisShirley/iStock / Getty Images

7 Tips to Spring Clean Like a Farm Girl

1     Start Cleaning BEFORE Spring! – On the Farm, if you wait until April to get started you’ve waited too long! Take some time during the slower winter months to get organized and deep clean the inside of your home. That way when the weather gets nice, you can spend your time enjoying it!

2      Spring Clean by Room: By deep cleaning one room at a time you are channeling your focus. You can do one room a day and not get burnt out on organization.

3      Start Small: Don’t bite off more than you can chew in the cleaning department! Instead of tackling your master suit, start your spring cleaning with a closet or an office. Being able to start and finish your first cleaning task quickly, will give you the momentum you need to keep going! The last thing you want to do is quit before you’ve started because the task seems too daunting. Once you’ve tackled a couple small spaces (i.e. the linen closet and kids toys) you’ll have found your groove and no room in need of cleaning will be too big!

4      Donate, Trash, or Repurpose: Speaking of closets, if you come across an item you haven’t worn or used in the last year GET RID OF IT! If you think you can repurpose the item stick it with your DIY supplies.

Photo by djedzura/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by djedzura/iStock / Getty Images

5      Don’t Forget Your Regular Chores: It always seems to be the case that you spend your entire Saturday deep cleaning the kitchen, only to find the living and bedrooms a total disaster! Don’t let deep cleaning keep you from having a tidy house!

6      Higher on Some Help: Whether it’s to babysit or help tackle the dreaded china cabinet having a friend or family member’s help can truly make a difference! A helping hand can help judge on whether an item belongs to your trash pile or in your closet and they'll keep you going when you really want to give up on organizing your “junk drawer.”

7      Use the Tools of the Trade: We farm girls KNOW our cleaning supplies! We have cleaned our fair share of messes and we were raised to DEEP clean (as in make every nook and cranny sparkle) Bi-Annually! Among our favorite cleaners are Dawn Dish Soap, OxyClean, Lemon Oil, and Fabuloso. They can get rid of all stains, bad smells, and anything else!

We know that spring cleaning isn't everyone's favorite thing but having an uncluttered home can help you have an uncluttered mind! It's refreshing to de-junk and have a place for everything and on the farm it is a must! Now, we want to know, what are some of your spring cleaning suggestions? Share them in the comments below!